Dec. 25th, 2009

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I'm about to start my favourite part of Christmas - a quiet little time I etch for myself on Christmas Eve when everyone else has gone to bed. I light candles, make a mug of something warm and stay up a little too late listening to King's College Choir sing Christmas carols. These days, I also write last-minute Yuletide stories.

And so, I wish everyone who celebrates an exceedingly Merry Christmas, a joyous holiday to all those celebrating in other ways, be it simply some time off, and an excellent day to all those who have nothing special on this week. And of course, may you have delightful Yuletide reading come tomorrow.

I'll be one of the many chalking up 2009 as not my greatest year - for my part, largely due to prolonged mental ill health - and I'll be glad to see the back of it. However, this year has been immeasurably better due to all of you, my fandoms and my friends.

eta: as I type this, a v-gift arrived from [ profile] oxoniensis - thank you, sweets! ♥ :D

As a token of my affection - cut for hugspam (not particularly dial-up friendly) )

To all, a good night.
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I have a story, a wonderful story!

The Way In (Imagine Me & You, Luce/Rachel, Edie)

It's a gorgeous, funny, sweet snapshot of Rache moving in, and Edie especially is absolutely wonderful. A great post-film snippet!

I now have approximately a bazillion tabs open of shiny fandoms that have new stories in them, I can't wait to dive in properly.


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